Product Recall Reassure

Did you know that product recalls can cost your company money and time? If a recall is not handled professionally, it could harm the reputation of your business and even break the faith that customers have in your company and brand. However, with efficient product recall services, you can make a direct connection with your customers.

By investing in product recalls, you can strengthen your relationship with your valuable customers by addressing their concerns and resolving their problems (refunds, returns or repair related issues) through concise and clear communication.

Today product recalls are required by most industries like Automotive, Appliance, Electronics, Software Hardware, Gourmet and Beverage to name a few.

What is product recalls used for?

Product recall services are mainly used to:

  • Retain the loyalty of your customers
  • Provide customers with the services and information that they require
  • Reassure customers
  • Handle, process, dispose or forward returns made by customers
  • Quickly deliver spare parts or provide replacement items

Why outsource product recall services?

  • By outsourcing product recall services, your service provider can quickly set-up, launch and effectively manage your product recall program.
  • Most Indian service providers have a robust and flexible network which is used to quickly adjust to volume changes.
  • Outsourcing is scalable and can help you easily accommodate the needs and capacity of your product recall during unexpected spikes in incoming calls.
  • A professional product recall team can help in providing important recall updates/information and also relay instructions for the disposal of defective products.
  • You can easily set up both national and international product recall centers.
  • You can opt for product recall help desk services, product recall fulfillment services or even product recall planning and prevention services.

Benefits of outsourcing product recall services

  • Contact resellers and dealers
  • Reduce long caller waiting time
  • Utilize outbound product recall notifications
  • Save on the money and equipment needed to run a product recall center

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