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At YBerry Infosystem, we specialize in formulating and implementing smart SEO strategies which will increase your website’s search engine rankings and eventually, your revenue. We have helped several business owners top the Google rankings with our:


A majority of internet traffic is search engine generated. Even if you are not a big fan of outsourcing SEO services, the chances are you have probably understood the benefits accrued from it, and by now you must be looking for an expert SEO services provider, offering affordable SEO services which shows results in a stipulated time frame.

YBerry Infosystem, the professional SEO Company in India, specializes in expert SEO services leading to top search engine rankings for Google, Yahoo and MSN, for a set of strategically defined keywords.

As a search engine optimization firm, we have the domain knowledge, expertise and all the solutions to make your website more visible on the internet which helps in maximizing the sales and lead generation for your website.

Our professional SEO services include the complete gamut of website SEO services including website analysis, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, etc. We apply ethical and organic SEO techniques to drive more and better traffic to your site.

Outsource SEO services to improve your website ranking and boost your traffic on search engines. Here are our major offerings:

  • Search Engine Optimization Firm Website Analysis- As part of our website SEO services, the first step is to analyze your entire website on the basis of professionally laid out criterion such as URL’s depth, individual page ranking, search engine saturation, back link strength, etc.
  • Keyword Analysis – It includes identifying the key search terms on the basis of inventory, relevance, and competition, through which people search for your products or services. Keywords can potentially drive traffic to your site. We help you with:
    1. Keyword Competition Analysis
    2. Keyword Density Analysis
    3. Keyword Prominence Analysis
  • Page Ranking Analysis – We evaluate each of your webpage to see how it fares on Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc., and also let you know how it has performed in the recent past. The page rank depends a lot on the number and quality of back or inbound links connected to a site.
  • Checking Meta Tags, HTML Codes and Broken Links – Meta tags, proper HTML codes and well-connected links are vital for a positive conversion ratio to a site. It is a must to have keyword-rich and most relevant meta tags for a website. On the other hand nothing is more repulsive than badly displayed web pages and broken links. As major search engines avoid crawling sites with errors in HTML codes, our SEO experts quickly identify such mistakes and ensure that your site is listed on search engines.
  • Evaluation of Website Content – Unique and content on a website ensures decent ranking on search engines. To this end, we conduct:
    1. On-site Content Analysis for freshness and uniqueness
    2. Content-Keyword Density Analysis
    3. Analysis of Meta Title and Description
  • Audit URLs – Short and the most obvious URL is the best URL. If a user is able to identify the content of a page with its URL then you’ve done a great job! It is always beneficial to have keyword-rich URLs.
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